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Elizabeth's review of Andrew Demirjian's We Send Our Signal (2022) to appear in Millennium Film Journal issue #77, Spring 2023.



(Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th November, London, UK)


Elizabeth was invited by director Kamila Kuc to talk about her edit of Kuc's documentary, Her Plot of Blue Sky (2023) after the film's premiere screening. 

HPOBS was exhibited at the Spectrum of the Everyday exhibition at Voxonica--London, UK--Nov. 2022.

Read more below to learn about the Spectrum of the Everyday event.


Consisting of a premiere of Kamila Kuc’s film, Her Plot of Blue Sky (Morocco/UK, 2022) and a photography and book exhibition, Spectrum of the Everyday gives visibility to the reality of the featured artists, whose work demonstrates how media creation furthers self-determination and social inclusion.

Bringing together the outcomes of three photographic group workshops, this exhibition celebrates ever-evolving possibilities for creating media that challenge notions of singular authorship and ownership through participation.


Set against the prescriptive, profit-driven forms of mainstream expression, Spectrum of the Everyday presents images and other artefacts that have been created in the spirit of the collective.

Co-curated and produced by


Jané MacKenzie and Kamila Kuc, these images have been chosen by all participating artists, who invite the public to explore other possible acts of community building, collective storytelling.

Images and event description curtesy of Kamila Kuc.





In 2019, Elizabeth was awarded the Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. 



The University of Utah Department of Film & Media Arts has a long lineage of women who have studied in their graduate MFA program. 

It was Elizabeth's goal to seek out, interview, and include as many of the past and present women filmmakers in a showcase, gallery installation, and journal--to be used as an educational resource for current and future students. 

Elizabeth collected many of the films from women filmmakers over three decades. These films ranged from narrative cinema, screendance, documentary work, and experimental films. 

There is a lack of women working in media production, and the goal of The Feminine Lens archival project was to act as a testament for women who have lived and breathed cinema within the Wasatch Front. Their histories must be told! Their work is stored digitally at The University of Utah. 

The showcase and the gallery installation were cancelled due to COVID-19. The journal was released in print and digital mediums. The images below are the announcement on the Department of Film & Media Arts blog, the poster calling for submissions from women filmmakers, and the cover of the journal containing interviews and stills from the women. 

To see the journal, please send Elizabeth an email to receive a digital copy. 

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