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framethink is the home of filmmaker, editor, and montage artist, Elizabeth Lowe (she/her/hers). Her work combines analog and digital mediums. She cuts and weaves together intricate moving textiles that feature themes of surrealism, vibrant and colorful patterns, and the inhabitants of urban and rural environments. 


Elizabeth received her MFA in Film Production from the University of Utah in 2020 with an emphasis in analog  &  digital cinematography and digital compositing. She has taught university classes in film studies, video and analog film  production, screenwriting, and handmade cinema. Her work has been exhibited both internationally and nationally at universities and film festivals.


Notable festivals are: Defy Film Festival, Enguage Experimental Film Festival, Les Femmes Underground Film Festival,  and the Film & Video Poetry Symposium.

Elizabeth curates Millennium Film Journal's #MicroCinemaMonday that features a diverse selection of content from moving image artists who release their work on Instagram. 


Elizabeth is currently working on a documentary about Basement Films.

For questions about her availability for pre-/principal-/post- production work, to see her CV, or to share any other comments or inquiries, send her a message.

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